The Administrator oversees all Village departments, ensuring Village Board strategic plans and policies are carried out efficiently and effectively.

The Administrative Office at Village Hall is the hub of many municipal operations, with staff responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Property Tax Collection
  • Utility Billing & Collection
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable Processing
  • Dog Licensing
  • Parks & Community Room Facility Rentals,
  • Other General Licensing and Permitting

The Finance Department performs all accounting, treasury and debt management functions; prepares the Village’s overall annual budget, various monthly reports, annual financial statements and long-term financial plans. The department also maintains Human Resources records and oversees employee benefit administration and payroll processing.

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Budget Reports

Pursuant to Section 2-172 of the Municipal Code of the Village of Mukwonago, each year, the Village President, with the assistance of the Administrator, Finance Director and Clerk-Treasurer, and all other department heads, are responsible for the preparation of the President’s Recommended Annual Budget, presenting a financial plan for conducting the affairs of the Village for the ensuing calendar year, and submits it to the Committee of the Whole for its review and recommendation. Upon its review of the Recommended Budget, the Committee of the Whole submits its proposed budget to the Village Board for review and approval.

The annual budget includes:

  • Expenses of conducting each department and activity of the Village for the ensuing fiscal year and corresponding items for the current year and last preceding fiscal year, with reasons for increase and decrease recommended as compared with appropriations for the current year.
  • An itemization of all anticipated income of the Village from sources other than general property taxes and bond issued, with a comparative statement of the amounts received by the Village from each of the sources for the last preceding and current fiscal year.
  • An itemization of the amount of money to be raised from general property taxes, which, with income from other sources, will be necessary to meet the proposed expenditures.
  • Any other information required by the Village Board and State law.

As required by law, the Village Board holds a public hearing on the proposed budget before final approval.

After approval of the annual budget by the Village Board, the amount of the tax to be levied or certified and the amounts of the various appropriations and the purposes thereof cannot be changed except by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the Village Board. Notice of such transfer is to be given by publication within 10 days thereafter in the Official Village Newspaper.

No money is to be drawn from the treasury of the Village or any obligation for the expenditure of money be incurred except in pursuance of the annual appropriation in the adopted budget or when changed as authorized. At the close of each fiscal year, any unencumbered balance of an appropriation reverts to the general fund and is subject to re-appropriation. Appropriations may be made by the Village Board, to be paid out of the income of the current year, for improvements or other objects or works that will not be completed within such year, and any such appropriations continue until the purpose for which it was made have been accomplished or abandoned


Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
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440 River Crest Court
Mukwonago, WI 53149

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Finance Director
Diana Doherty
Ext. 2101

Administrative Clerks
Robin Gallo
Ext. 2102

Matthew Rockley
Ext. 2105

Lissa Berndt
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