We provide building inspections services to ensure public safety through properly constructed buildings. We strive to conduct ourselves with respect, professionalism, and expertise. We aim to make the inspection process as smooth and productive as possible for the people we serve in this community.

To apply for a permit please visit our BSA Online Permit Application System.  To register and set up an Account with the Village and you are a Contractor please CLICK HERE.


Impact Fees
Impact Fees are used to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the community and to facilitate the adequate provision for parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities, fire protection facilities, law enforcement facilities, facilities for pumping, storing and distributing water, emergency medical facilities and libraries, and are imposed upon developers to pay for the capital costs that are necessary to accommodate land development.
Sample Permit Fees for New Residential Homes

Are you looking to build a home in Mukwonago and were wondering how much the building permit might cost you?  Listed below is the sample of the fees for the year 2020 for a dwelling 2,000 sq. ft. with a 600 sq. ft. garage.  Decks, covered porches and fireplaces are an additional $60.00 each.

Permit Fees Impact & Other Fees
Zoning Review $250.00 Parkland Site $1200.00
Plan Review $250.00 Sewer Impact $918.00
State Permit $65.00 Water Impact $2,484.00
Building Permit $1082.00 Library $1,463.00
Erosion Control $175.00 Police $311.00
Occupancy $100.00 Fire $304.00
Administrative Fee $5.00 Sewer Connection $1,758.00
Recycling Fee (maximum) $132.00
Property Record Management $200.00
Total Permit Fees $1,927.00 Total Impact Fees $8,512.00
Estimated Grand Total $10,439.00

Digger’s Hotline
If you as a homeowner will be doing any construction that involves digging or excavation on your property, it is highly recommended that you call diggers hotline before you start your excavation. Diggers Hotline is a free service. It provides you as a homeowner the location of all the utilities that are within your property. With this information you can properly excavate without causing any damage to those utilities. If you excavate without contacting diggers hotline you are now responsible for the entire cost of any damage to those utilities. Diggers Hotline number (800) 242-8511.


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