The Village of Mukwonago recently launched a new website that is the front door to the Village’s zoning regulations. We know that zoning regulations can be somewhat confusing and hard to navigate, especially if you are not able to easily find the information you need. That’s why ZoningHub created an interactive zoning code website. It highlights the key parts of the zoning code in a user-friendly and interactive platform.  One may also access this feature through the Village’s website, .
Although the zoning requirements aren’t changing, the website improves how the key parts of the code are presented and accessed. The interactive zoning map is especially powerful. Residents, property owners, and others can use this feature to easily find where they can locate a new business in the Village, include an addition, or how a parcel can be used or further developed.
We are very excited about this new website and are committed to keeping the content up to date so that users have the most accurate and complete information possible.

As we continue using our new website, we expect customer satisfaction will improve.  We also hope the website will help people move ahead with development projects to build our local economy while protecting the special character of Mukwonago.
For more information, please contact Ben Kohout, AICP, Village Planner, at (262) 363-6420, ext. 2111, or check out the interactive zoning site.