Click here to view concepts and submit a public comment sheet to Ben Kohout, the Village Planner, at through Monday, March 16.

The Village of Mukwonago is undertaking a Streetscape and Wayfinding Signage Design Process, under the direction of the Downtown Development Committee, Village Staff and the Village Board.  The Village has hired FOTH Engineering out of West Allis to manage this project.  As part of this process, public input is wanted to continue to provide comments to the consultant during final design creation. 

As part of the project, the consultant has conducted a public charrette process, where the public was invited to draw in desired features during a January 23 event held at Village Hall.  The consultant has taken those drawings and has created four themed concepts for the public to comment on, overall application of streetscape treatments throughout the downtown and its periphery and also the features such as lighting styles, greenspace styles, benches, and other thematic elements to incorporate.

The next scheduled event will be a public open house held at the Village of Mukwonago Public Library, on Saturday, March 14, in the morning hours, where a staff member from FOTH will be present to address questions and to collect feedback on which of the concepts and elements the public would like to see in a finalized concept proposal.  Following this open house session, the consultant will draft two final concepts for the Downtown Development Committee to review and recommend action to the Village Board, prior to being presented to the Village Board for final review.  The final presentation is anticipated on being delivered during the May 20 Village Board meeting.  Those not able to attend these opportunities may also view the plans and submit a public comment sheet to Ben Kohout, the Village Planner, at through Monday, March 16.

Following this work by the consultant, the Village will then consider finalizing construction plans, financing opportunities, scope of applications and timelines for the streetscape and wayfinding signage implementation.

Anyone with questions on this project may contact the Village Planning Office at (262) 363-6420 ext. 2111.