For basic zoning district information for the Village of Mukwonago, utilize the “Property Search” feature on the left, which allows property information to be entered in.  The Village has partnered with ZONING HUB. From there, one may view zoning district and “open up” the attributes of property such as zoning, allowable land uses, the processes for certain land uses, lot size, setbacks, and building dimension information, in accordance with the Zoning district.  The ownership information and tax information is only updated periodically, and is meant for basic zoning and property setback information.

For a more robust experience, please utilize the Village of Mukwonago GIS site.  This site will provide more information, including but not limited to parcel lot size, link to updated County GIS Assessor Information, and water and sewer line location information.


Planning and Zoning Permits are required to construct on any land, or to affect the outward appearance of structures, such as signage, or building additions onto residential or commercial structures.  These regulations are governed through the Village of Mukwonago Municipal Code, which may be viewed under the “Resources” option on the Planning and Zoning Page.

To apply for a permit please visit our BSA Online Permit Application System To register and set up an Account with the Village and you are a Contractor please CLICK HERE.

You may also stop in the Village Clerk’s Office, located in the Village Hall, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to noon, to fill out permit at the Building Permit Kiosk.


Click on the links below to access lists of current major Residential (i.e. Subdivisions, Condo Projects), Commercial and Industrial Developments that have either been submitted for proposal to the Village, are in the process of being reviewed or approved by the Village or are now in the development stage, and Village projects that have been proposed, discussed, reviewed and/or approved by the Village and the status of each.

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Village of Mukwonago Request for Quotes for Service from Graphic Design Professionals

The Village of Mukwonago is requesting quotes for services from graphic design professionals for the development of graphic standards and detailed graphics for a downtown banner program. We are looking for a quote to provide both an hourly rate, as well as the number of hours estimated for the job.

Please feel free to contact John Fellows, Community Planner, at or call 262-363-6420 Ext. 2111. For the full request for Quotes see: Request for Quotes for Village Banner Program.


Questions answered for RFP

Village of Mukwonago Request for Proposals from Environmental Graphic Design Consultants

The Village of Mukwonago is seeking a response to this Request for Proposals (RFP) from the environmental graphic design consultants for the development of a comprehensive village signage program and wayfinding signage program. Such RFP also includes detailed design drawing with specific details of each type of sign – allowing the Village to move forward to construction of phase one immediately. 

Please feel free to cotnact John Fellows, Community Planner, at or call 262-363-6420 Ext. 2111. For the full request for quotes see: Request for Proposal for Village Signage Design Project

Questions answered for RFP

Sign Code and Zoning Code Update

The original zoning code and sign code were written decades ago and amended many times over, therefore, the Village has decided to update the zoning and sign code for the Village to help better implemment the goals and objectives in the Village’s recently updated Comprhensive Plan. Updates will focus on retaining codes that work, replacing codes that are outdated, adn implementing new codes that represent best zoning adn planning practices. 

For m0re information please see: Sign Code and Zoning Code Update FAQ


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