Agreement for Reimbursable Services Petitioner/Applicant/Property Owner

  • In accordance with Village Ordinance 70-15, the Village may retain the services of professional consultants (including planners, engineers, architects, attorneys, environmental specialists, recreation specialists, and other experts) to assist in its review of a proposal coming before the Plan Commission/Board of Building and Zoning Appeals. The Village reserves the right to apply the charges for these services as well as for staff time expended in the administration, investigation and processing of applications to the Applicant.

    The Applicant is required to provide the Village with an executed copy of this agreement as a prerequisite to the processing of the development application. The submittal of a development proposal application or petition shall be construed as an agreement to pay for such professional review services applicable to the proposal. The Village may delay acceptance of the application or petition as complete, or may delay final approval of the proposal, until such fees are paid by the Applicant. The Property Owner acknowledges that review fees which are applied to an Applicant, but which are not paid by such Applicant, may be charged by the Village as an assessment against the subject property for current services provided the property.

    Note: Consultant services (e.g. engineering, planning, surveying, legal, etc.) and Village administrative time may be charged in addition to the normal costs payable by the Applicant/Petitioner/Property Owner (e.g. application filing fees, permit fees, publication expenses, recording fees, impact fees, etc.)
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