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For basic zoning district information for the Village of Mukwonago, utilize the “Property Search” feature on the left, which allows property information to be entered in.  The Village has partnered with ZONING HUB. From there, one may view zoning district and “open up” the attributes of property such as zoning, allowable land uses, the processes for certain land uses, lot size, setbacks, and building dimension information, in accordance with the Zoning district.  The ownership information and tax information is only updated periodically, and is meant for basic zoning and property setback information.

For a more robust experience, please utilize the Village of Mukwonago GIS site.  This site will provide more information, including but not limited to parcel lot size, link to updated County GIS Assessor Information, and water and sewer line location information.


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The Plan Commission is an advisory body that reviews all commercial and residential development plans, rezoning applications, annexation and attachment petitions, and conditional use, unspecified use and home occupation permits, and recommends to the Village Board any action to be taken on the issues. The Commission also reviews and approves any plans that were reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission. Changes to the Zoning Code and the Master Plan must also be reviewed by the Commission.

The Commission membership consists of the Village President, who is chairperson, two Village Trustees, who are the chairpersons from the Public Works and Health and Recreation Committees, three citizen members and the Supervisor of Inspections. The Village Community Planner and Attorney are advisory members.

If you have a development (Commercial, Subdivision, Certified Survey Map, Annexation/Attachment, Signage, etc) that you need reviewed, please contact the Ben Kohout, Community Planner, at (262) 363-6419, to discuss the proposal. For the appropriate applications, click here.

Meeting Dates, Time and Place: The Plan Commission meets every second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. The Commission meets in the Board Room located at the Village Hall, 440 River Crest Ct.

Village President: Fred Winchowky

Chairperson of Public Works Committee: Jason Wamser

Chairperson of Health and Recreation Committee: Jim Decker

Citizen Member: Joe Abruzzo – Term Expires 2022

Citizen Member: Ken Werner – Term Expires 2020

Citizen Member: John Meiners – Term Expires 2021

Supervisor of Inspections: Robert Harley

Advisory Member: Ben Kohout – Community Planner

Advisory Member: Mark Blum – Village Attorney


John Fellows
(262) 363-6420 x2111

Office Hours
8:30am to 9:30am
or By Appointment

Hours of Operation
8:30am to 4:30pm
Friday 8:00am to Noon

440 River Crest Court
Mukwonago, WI 53149