Park Facilities Rental Application - Miniwaukan Park

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Complete, accurate and specific information must be entered.
  • Guidelines

  • This form must be completely in its entirety and submitted to the Village of Mukwonago Clerk’s Office, 440 River Crest Court, Mukwonago, WI, 53149, for approval. We do not hold reservations until payment is received. You will be notified within 24 hours if the date is not available. “Residents” include Village of Mukwonago residents.

  • Click here to download the Park Usage Policy

  • Fees (choose all that apply)

  • per day
    Price: $50.00 Quantity:
  • per day
    Price: $75.00 Quantity:
  • Additional per day
    Price: $25.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00
  • Deposit

  • Price: $100
  • Applicant Information

  • Organization Information

  • Rental Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • :
  • NOTE: (If there are 150 people or more, a special event permit will be required under separate application)
  • If yes, temporary Class B beer and/or wine (picnic) and operator (bartender) licenses are necessary under separate application.
  • Hours of amplified music:
  • :
  • :
  • If you will be using the baseball field lights, what are the times needed?
  • :
  • :
  • If yes, please provide a plan for their proposed locations. The Fire Department and Building Inspection Department will need to inspect these structures prior to the start of your event. There may be a separate fee for tent inspection.
  • Insurance Requirements

  • The applicant will provide an indemnity bond if the event has 50-149 people per day. The applicant will obtain liability insurance for an event that includes alcohol or has 150 or more people per day. Proof of this insurance, with coverage no less than $1,000,000 which names and endorses the Village, its officers, agents, employees, and contractors as an additional insured party is due no later than 20 days before the event.
  • Deposit Requirements

  • The applicant is required to submit to the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office a cleaning/damage deposit (amount listed above) each scheduled day of the event (or portion thereof) two months prior to the starting date of the event. That deposit shall be refunded to the applicant, if, upon inspection, all is in order, or a prorated portion thereof as may be necessary to reimburse the Village for loss or cleaning costs. The Village reserves the right to retain the entire deposit if cleanup is not completed satisfactorily in the time frame as specified in the permit. Unless otherwise stated in the permit, the applicant shall be fully responsible for all necessary cleanup associated with the permitted event to be completed within 12 hours after the conclusion of the event. (This deposit is separate from any deposit required for rental of Village parks).
  • Termination of an Event

  • The Village reserves the right to shut down an event that is in progress if it is deemed to be a public safety hazard by the Police Department, Fire Department, and/or there is a violation of Village Ordinances, State Statutes or the terms of the applicant’s permit. The Village Administrator and/or his/her designee may revoke an approved park facilities use permit if the applicant fails to comply in good faith with the provisions of the permit prior to the event date.
  • Certification

  • By signing this form, the applicant certifies authorization to act on behalf of their organization, and hereby agrees to hold the Village, its officers, agents, employees, and contractors harmless against all claims, liability, loss, damage or expense (including but not limited to actual attorney fees) incurred by the Village for any damage or injury to person or property caused by or resulting directly or indirectly from the activities for which the permit is granted. Any change to coverage requires Village approval.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY