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34-1. – Mowing of property.

(a) Required. No person owning property within the village shall permit to grow or pollinate upon his premises or in the parkway any weeds or grasses, Burdock, Canada Thistle, Bindweed or Creeping Jennie, Leafy Spurge, Bull Thistle, Sow Thistle, Wild Mustard, Yellow Rocket, Yellow Dock, Russian Thistle, Giant Foxtail, English Charlock, Musk Thistle, Velvet Leaf, Quack or Quitchgrass, Wild Radish, Buckhorn Plantain, Goatsbeard, Harmful Barberry, and Marijuana, all of which cause or produce hay fever in human beings, exhale unpleasant or noxious weed odors or conceal filthy deposits. In order to prevent such growth and pollination, it shall be the duty of every property owner to mow or cause to be mowed upon his premises and parkway all grasses or weeds exceeding one foot in height and in such manner as shall effectively prevent them from bearing seed or spreading to adjoining property. The word “parkway” means that area between the property’s front lot line or sidewalk and the nearest curbline or edge of pavement of the road running parallel or generally parallel thereto.

(b) By village. It shall be the duty of the weed commissioner to enforce W.S.A., § 66.517 and this section. The fee for mowing of weeds by the village weed commissioner shall be a minimum of $450.00 per property mowed. Any time spent on a property over three hours shall be billed at the rate of $150.00 per hour. In the event that village equipment is damaged while mowing, the cost to repair the equipment shall be added to the bill.

(Code 1966, § 13.09; Ord. No. 604, § I, 9-16-97; Ord. No. 715, § I(4), 5-20-03)


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